Our faith

We believe and trust in God, who loves us all.

We believe and trust in Jesus, who showed us what love means.

We believe and trust in the Holy Spirit, who helps us to love in return.

Recent Sermons & Reflections

In this section, you will find a variety of materials to encourage reflection on matters of faith and other issues. These resources change regularly so please do come back from time to time! We include here a selection of recent sermons given by our preachers. As those of you familiar with Methodist traditions will know, we will often have a different preacher each week from ‘The Circuit’. In our case, we are part of the Oxford Circuit, so our preachers come from churches across the City of Oxford and the surrounding communities. Again, as is our tradition, our preachers are a mix of ordained clergy - some of whom will be retired from full-time ministry, whilst others are still actively involved with their own churches or chaplaincies -, and lay preachers - some of whom will be in the early stages of their training, whilst others will have been preaching in churches for many years. This means that our sermons follow a variety of styles and formats, which we will try to reflect for the sermons that we show on the website. In order to put the sermon into context, we will include the set texts from the Lectionary around which the sermon is normally - but not always - based. This means that you can study the Bible readings for yourself, before reading and meditating on the Sermon that the congregation will have been lucky enough to have heard for themselves. In the coming months, as well as giving us the texts of their sermons, we are going to ask some of our preachers to record their sermons, so that we can add the sound files to this section so that they can be listened to as well as read.

In addition to showing a selection of our recent sermons, we also include in this Section, video reflections from a variety of sources which we hope will, in equal measure, encourage, provoke and inspire you on your own personal spiritual journey. If you come across other links that you think might inspire and encourage others, then please use the Contact Us facility to send the links to our Church Stewards, who can arrange for them to appear on the site. If you can include a sentence or two about the clips to introduce them and explain why you have found them particularly helpful, then we will be pleased to share this with others.

Video Services

Each week one of the Ministers from our Circuit will record a 'service' which we can experience together. The service includes Opening prayers, Bible readings, a Reflection, and the Grace or Blessing. As well as being able to watch the service, the text for each section is also included for you to read or download. Over time, this link will build into a wonderful resource, which we hope will continue to build and develop even after this current crisis is over.

Recent Sermons


Paul's Thursday Thoughts are all available on his YouTube Channel as well as being listed below:

Used during a Café Church service as part of our prayers of thanksgiving.

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