Our faith

We believe and trust in God, who loves us all.

We believe and trust in Jesus, who showed us what love means.

We believe and trust in the Holy Spirit, who helps us to love in return.


As well as Hymns & Psalms, we also use the Oxford Circuit Song Book, the contents of which are listed here. However, please don't feel limited by what you find there as we are always happy to try out new hymns and songs.

Junior Church

The Junior Church may number 5 – 10 children, ranging in age from 1 to early teens. We would be very grateful if the first part of the service was appropriate for young people. They welcome an all-age talk and will interact with you, if encouraged. They usually leave for their own activities following a blessing after the second hymn. We usually use the Roots material as a basis for our own activities.

Two of our Junior Church members will usually take up the offering, so we would be grateful if you could include this before they leave! We also encourage them to take part by using percussion instruments during either the first or second hymn, where possible, and if you are therefore able to choose something which might be suitable for this, it would be much appreciated.


We have a full range of audio-visual facilities with permanent projector and screen, CD, DVD, laptop etc. We can also plug in your own ipod or MP3 player, if need be. We always project the words of the hymns, bible reading references and any prayer responses required but are also very happy to incorporate anything else you wish. If you wish to do a powerpoint presentation and are able to email it to us in advance, that would be most helpful. Failing that, please feel free to bring it on CD or memory stick (but not a floppy!) when you come. However, please do let us know in advance if you intend to do this as not all our operators have the appropriate skills to deal with such last minute additions.

If you want help putting something together, then please do get in touch and we will do what we can to produce something for you (eg. appropriate pictures, film clips, the three points from your sermon, quotes, prayers, other bits of liturgy etc.). At the other extreme, if it is easier for you to bring your own laptop and simply plug it in, that's fine, too! If you have any a/v questions, please do not hesitate to email the or talk with the steward on duty.

Readings and Prayers

We generally provide two people to do readings. Pew Bibles are available and are the NRSV translation. If you would like people to do other things (prayers, drama etc.) then we can often find willing volunteers. However, the more notice you can provide, the better!

Who to ring with your requirements

Please contact the duty steward by the Thursday prior to the service with your choice of hymns and reading by phone or 

If there is anything you would like included on the printed notices, then please or contact Jonathan Horbury on 01865 751505.


On the day itself, the duty steward will be there to meet you on your arrival and acquaint you with the church. Parking is often available on the street on a Sunday morning but, failing that, there is a car park just behind the church in Hensington Road (coming from Oxford, turn right 50 yards before the church, just before the pedestrian lights). Detailed instructions on how to find us can be found here. Spaces outside the church marked with cones are usually for our disabled members, but if you need us to reserve a place for you please let the duty stewards know in advance. Occasionally there are extra notices which the steward will give out at the beginning of the service. We then observe a short time of silence before we begin. Following the service, there is coffee and tea served in the hall and we do hope you will be able to join us for this.

We hope you enjoy worshipping with us.

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