Our faith

We believe and trust in God, who loves us all.

We believe and trust in Jesus, who showed us what love means.

We believe and trust in the Holy Spirit, who helps us to love in return.

The Christ We Share Exhibition
The Christ We Share Exhibition

Ever since 2008, pupils in Year 7 at the Marlborough School have spent some time engaging with images of Christ from around the world. The students look at the images and are asked to choose one. They are then invited to respond to that image in some way or other, whether through poetry or through drawing their own version. Every year, the exercise prompts interesting discussion about the pictures and encourages the young people to focus on Jesus at Easter time as well as to reflect on a variety of styles of art and why an artist would choose to portray Jesus in that particular way.

Holy Week and Easter was celebrated in a variety of ways within our community.

Easter Fun Day

On Palm Saturday, we had our regular Easter Fun Day when about a dozen children shared together in games, craft activities and a retelling of the Easter story. We created an Easter Garden, decorated biscuits, and made bead crosses, Easter chicks and a Holy Week calendar wheel. Great fun was had by all, both children and adults alike!

passion-260With Easter 2013 barely over, members of the churches in Woodstock and Bladon are already making plans for next year. These involve drawing on the whole community to put on an outdoor Passion Play using various venues around the centre of Woodstock. Plans are still at a very early stage but more details can be found on the Passion Play website and you can keep up-to-date via Twitter and Facebook.


Prayer for the Week

we pray that in all our encounters today,
in all our conversations,
your story may be enthusiastically told,
and your loving presence acknowledged.

Regular Times of Worship

Alongside this, we have a range of:


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Community Foodbank

foodbank-logo-100Woodstock Methodist Church, along with all the churches in Woodstock, supports

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