Our faith

We believe and trust in God, who loves us all.

We believe and trust in Jesus, who showed us what love means.

We believe and trust in the Holy Spirit, who helps us to love in return.

Ever since 2008, pupils in Year 7 at the Marlborough School have spent some time engaging with images of Christ from around the world. The students look at the images and are asked to choose one. They are then invited to respond to that image in some way or other, whether through poetry or through drawing their own version. Every year, the exercise prompts interesting discussion about the pictures and encourages the young people to focus on Jesus at Easter time as well as to reflect on a variety of styles of art and why an artist would choose to portray Jesus in that particular way.

The churches in Woodstock take it in turns to host the exhibition over the Easter period and we were delighted that it was our turn this year. The exhibition drew many positive comments from our own congregation, as well as from visitors, and encouraged us all to reflect on the various images of Christ, which pictures particularly resonate with us, and what that says about our own faith.


Prayer for the Week

Encouraging, enabling and equipping God,
open our eyes afresh to the wonders and miracles that surround us.
Encourage us, enable us and equip us for the challenges that we will face today,
for the injustices we shall see
and for the poverty we will encounter.
Encircle us with your strength
and with your love
this day and for evermore.

Adam Stevenson

Regular Times of Worship

Alongside this, we have a range of:

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