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Tuesday Fellowship


tuesday-fellowshipWe meet fortnightly at 2.30p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon in the church hall.  We number 18 members, mostly ‘ladies of more mature years’, but have been delighted in recent months to welcome a number of gentlemen.  We are, of course, always pleased to welcome new members, younger or older and occasional visitors.  Our meetings usually begin with a hymn, Bible reading and prayers, followed by an address by our invited speaker, finishing with another hymn and the blessing, and of course, tea and biscuits. We have a varied programme and every few weeks a bring-and-buy stall, the proceeds of which are donated to various charities, as agreed at our AGM.  

Contact Sue Beuzeval for further information on 01865 849696.


18 September 2018 AGM & Communion Service - Rev. Paul Carter  
2 October 2018 Here, there ... but not everywhere - Rev. Frances Blood  + Bring & Buy
16 October 2018 I name this child.... (Nominative determinism) - David Shepherd  
30 October 2018 Helen & Douglas House - Alison Hooker  
13 November 2018 Come again...? - Rev. Judy Turner-Smith  
27 November 2018 Come fly with me! - Paul Rosentall  + Bring & Buy
11 December 2018 Music for Christmas + mince pies! - Margaret Hill & Lin Treharne