Our faith

We believe and trust in God, who loves us all.

We believe and trust in Jesus, who showed us what love means.

We believe and trust in the Holy Spirit, who helps us to love in return.


tuesday-fellowshipWe meet fortnightly at 2.30p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon in the church hall.  We number 18 members, mostly ‘ladies of more mature years’, but have been delighted in recent months to welcome a number of gentlemen.  We are, of course, always pleased to welcome new members, younger or older and occasional visitors.  Our meetings usually begin with a hymn, Bible reading and prayers, followed by an address by our invited speaker, finishing with another hymn and the blessing, and of course, tea and biscuits. We have a varied programme and every few weeks a bring-and-buy stall, the proceeds of which are donated to various charities, as agreed at our AGM.  

Some highlights from our last programme include ‘Favourite Hymns’ with Maureen Lake, ‘Special Needs Children’ with Tony Severn, ‘How I came to be here’ with Rev. Alice Venning, ‘Action for Children’ with Madeleine Clarke, a ‘Christmas Celebration’ with Rev. Geoff and Mrs Lesley Hunter, ‘Thoughts for the New Year’ with Rev. Dr. Martin Wellings, ‘Miracles’ with Hope Price, ‘St. Valentine’s Day’ with Rev. Philip Beuzeval, ‘Emmaus Homelessness Community with Jon Robson, ‘Music for Spring’ with Margaret Hill and Lin Treharne and ‘Holy Week’ with Rev. Alison Mares.  We always enjoy a treat and thanks go to Gill Neller for cooking us delicious lunches, one for  Thanksgiving last November and one for Shrove Tuesday in February. 

Contact Sue Beuzeval for further information on 01865 849696.


9th May What Columbus Found - David Shepherd Bring and Buy Sale
23rd May  Sand in your Sandals - Rev. Frances Blood  
6th Jun  Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel - Maria Huff  
20th Jun  Oxfordshire MIND  Bring and Buy Sale
4th Jul What the Papers Say - Members Afternoon  
18th Jul Outing to Millets Farm  
22nd Aug  Garden Party @ 27b Union Street  

Autumn Term begins 12 September - AGM

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